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FAQs for Isle of Wight Bouncy Castles ltd

Q: Does the blower need leaving on all the time and how much does it cost to run?

A: Yes the blower needs to be running all the time the castle is in use, however it only costs between 9 and 14 pence per hour.

Q: what happens in bad weather?

A: If the weather is just showers you have the choice to take the castle or not with the advise that it should not be used in the rain as it is a slip hazard, however if it is constant heavy rain even the shower cover won't help. Also if there are strong winds it would NOT be safe to hire the castle.

Q: What kind of access will you need?

A: All of our equipment fits through a standard sized gate, however if you have a lot of steps please let us know as some of our equipment weighs over 150 kg and cannot be lifted up stairs by one man.

Q: Do you have any indoor bouncy castles to hire?

A: All of our castles are suitable for indoor use, however you must check the ceiling height of the venue before you book, you can find the ​measurements and space requirements on the individual bouncy castles on their page.

Q: Do you have insurance and what happens if there is an injury?

A: Yes we are insured however our insurance like any other bouncy castle company only covers for faulty equipment or set up faults. If an injury did occur you would be liable as the children are in your care.

Q: How much notice do you need to book?

A: We recommend as much notice as possible to guarantee the exact service or castle that you want to book is available.

Q: Can we have just a half day hire?

A: Yes of course we can do that however, the price would not change as the work involved for us delivering and collecting the equipment is the same.

Q: Can a bouncy castle go on concrete?

A: Sorry we cant provide any bouncy bed inflatables on concrete.

Q: How many children can use a bouncy castle at once?

A: This is a very broad question as it is really hard to say as it depends on the size of the children and the size of the bouncy castle. Just to give you a rough idea of what the health and safety numbers are, a standard 12 x 12 bouncy castle should have 5/6 children age 6 ish years.

Q: Are your bouncy castles safe and how do I know what to do to keep the children safe?

A: Yes our bouncy castles are very safe we have them regularly tested to the highest standard in the industry. This process is called RPII testing which is basically an m.o.t for bouncy castles. As for your knowledge we will give you all the advice we can to promote safe play. There is always the chance of an accident but we will help you be as safe as possible to ensure a fun day.

Q: My garden has a slope is that OK ?

A: Yes a slight slope is ok but if we arrive and the slope is to great we may not be able to set up as children's safety is the number one priority. We may be able to check your garden prior to booking.

Q: Can we have it cheaper if we collect the bouncy castle?

A: We don't offer that service as our insurance states the bouncy castle has to be set up by one of our staff.

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